The Immigration Conclusion

A conclusion on my stance on immigration.

My stance on how immigration should be handled stayed relatively the same throughout these past few months in between my other blog posts. I proposed ways we could in cloud immigrants in our community as well as suggesting who should get in. But now that Trump became president of the USA, the immigration situation is looking very bleak for those who were hoping to get in. I try to be realistic in my opinions but now that Trump is president I’m not sure any of my suggestions can be labeled as realistic. I think that many other people are facing the same conundrum that I’m in. We feel that if we are to propose any kind of deal to Mr.Trump we would be turned down immediately. Now that I’ve  said all of that, we will have to continue our search for a simple and coherent plan for the immigration situation that would hopefully sway Mr.Trump to take a good look at the immigration problem.


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