Who should get in?

Who should get in? The answer to that question is very very hard to give an answer to. It’s quite hard to think about. The question itself challenges ones morals and ethics and even in some cases personal preferences. I believe that whoever we are equipped to accomadate should get in. Meaning that we should only take an immigrant or an immigrant family in only if we have the correct tools to house, feed, and educate them. I feel that we should bring in anyone we can, no matter regarding an immigrant’s race, religion, or nationality. Because we can bring these people in and educate them in English, help them look for jobs that they are educated in. As long as we can house them and feed them, any immigrant should be eligible to be of our services and we should certainly help them. But another problem is what if we have an abundance of housing, but shortage of food or plenty of housing and food, but a lack of educational facilities, that is another problem for another day that we will have to brainstorm for hours about.


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