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The Immigration Conclusion

A conclusion on my stance on immigration.

My stance on how immigration should be handled stayed relatively the same throughout these past few months in between my other blog posts. I proposed ways we could in cloud immigrants in our community as well as suggesting who should get in. But now that Trump became president of the USA, the immigration situation is looking very bleak for those who were hoping to get in. I try to be realistic in my opinions but now that Trump is president I’m not sure any of my suggestions can be labeled as realistic. I think that many other people are facing the same conundrum that I’m in. We feel that if we are to propose any kind of deal to Mr.Trump we would be turned down immediately. Now that I’ve  said all of that, we will have to continue our search for a simple and coherent plan for the immigration situation that would hopefully sway Mr.Trump to take a good look at the immigration problem.

Who should get in?

Who should get in? The answer to that question is very very hard to give an answer to. It’s quite hard to think about. The question itself challenges ones morals and ethics and even in some cases personal preferences. I believe that whoever we are equipped to accomadate should get in. Meaning that we should only take an immigrant or an immigrant family in only if we have the correct tools to house, feed, and educate them. I feel that we should bring in anyone we can, no matter regarding an immigrant’s race, religion, or nationality. Because we can bring these people in and educate them in English, help them look for jobs that they are educated in. As long as we can house them and feed them, any immigrant should be eligible to be of our services and we should certainly help them. But another problem is what if we have an abundance of housing, but shortage of food or plenty of housing and food, but a lack of educational facilities, that is another problem for another day that we will have to brainstorm for hours about.

How to Fix the Immigration Situation

In a short yet very interesting unit about immigration, I have affirmed my knowledge about the everyday struggles that immigrants face. As the son of an immigrant I have heard about all of these things, the language barriers and the fact that you are in a totally foreign country and having no idea where to go. But are we as Americans doing enough to help immigrants feel welcome in our country? Yes we have special schools and faculty to deal with the problems that new immigrants face, but how do we make them feel a part of our country? I feel like that is one of our primary issues with immigrants once they have entered America. Whereas now we are more worried about how immigration will affect our economy and what “American” jobs we will lose, even though countless studies show that immigration is actually good for our economy. Or we are worried about the increase of crime and how that correlates to the increase of immigrants coming to our country. Those things are things that our government and our people do not need to worry about; we need to worry about the contributions immigrants can make to the betterment of our country. If we as American continue to make these immigrants feel welcome into our country, they can help us out and contribute to the well being of US citizens and incoming immigrants. Those agencies that bring immigrants into the country could introduce special English programs so that immigrants have an easier time getting around and can find a good job. Or our government could encourage companies to hire immigrants that specialize in certain fields. We can employ these immigrants, who are specialized in many different fields of work, into jobs that can create special buildings, programs, plan out neighborhoods, and can fight for the rights of immigrants. They can help us be more welcoming to new and more immigrants over the years and can help us quell the worries about a US citizen’s safety concerns. If we worry about the betterment of immigrants in the US, in the long run, immigrants can help our country become better and more appealing towards immigrant families.